When you consider the sheer number of offerings on the restaurant’s extensive and extremely tempting menu, and that he is chief cook and delivery person during this period, I knew in a moment I was talking to a pro – and one truly devoted to his business.

The restaurant business requires special care and handling during the best of times – it’s a constant juggling of skills, from the obvious like having a concept and a great menu and a fun and pleasing atmosphere, to the less visible, like ordering the food, hiring and training staff, even seeing to it that codes are met and menus are up-to-date.

While restaurants and bars in New York State are limited in service during this flu season, they are by no means closed. Lattimore, while missing his regular operation, told me, “I try to look at a time like this as an opportunity to re-invent yourself, even if it’s only temporary. We’ve kept every item on our menu – and it’s a big menu – but tried to make the most of our take-out and delivery business working with a skeleton crew.” He also acknowledges that the temporary restrictions mean looking for additional ways to do business. “We offer meals delivered to 3rd shift workers, for example. We’ll deliver to them so it’s hot and fresh, even if that means 2 a.m. Right now we’re delivering to all of Schroeppel, a portion of Clay, also the Baldwinsville-Lysander area, or even further if people call ahead and we can plan on it.”

Lattimore has been in the restaurant business most of his career, owning the Phoenix Sports Restaurant for the last ten years. During “normal” times, the restaurant is a casual, comfortable spot where customers can go for lunch or dinner, and expect a range of food choices – from salads to steaks, fried fish to prime rib, even unusual selections like frog’s legs, liver and onions, Spanish rice and Goulash – their favorite drinks, OTB, 150 TV screens with sports of all kinds, and friendly service. “All of my staff are trained to remember our customers,” Lattimore tells me. “If they have a favorite beer, we’ll have it ready. They’re important to us, and we want them to know it.”

While major event dates – like the Kentucky Derby, a big day for the restaurant – are changed or in flux right now, the location is typically known for catering and parties, and has a steady stream of celebrations and events. It’s similarly famous for a range of “all you can eat” options, including such popular choices as steak, spaghetti and meatballs, wings, and the restaurant’s famous frog’s legs. In fact, whatever you’re in the mood for, chances are the Phoenix will have it. And the portions are generous. “A single serving will give most people dinner and often lunch the next day,” Lattimore says.

Discussing the frog’s legs, Lattimore stressed the importance of area restaurants looking out for one another in this difficult time. “I got a call from another restaurant locally, they know we carry frog’s legs, and needed some to complete an order. We were happy to share. We know it’s going to take some time to get back to our regular routine of business, but in the meantime, we want to make sure our customers are taken care of, enjoy their meals, and stay in the habit of patronizing local restaurants.” He goes on to add that while things make be different for the time being, the “buy local, shop local” emphasis, and the fact that people can’t go out to socialize as easily right now, has actually resulted in new customers finding local restaurants and becoming fans. “I get my own meals a couple times a week from other area restaurants. After cooking and delivering from early morning on, it’s nice to order something someone else has prepared, too, and it’s a way of supporting other restaurants in the area,” Lattimore tells me.

Besides abiding by all the necessary precautions, in an abundance of consideration for customers, each morning Lattimore posts the day’s special offerings on Facebook, posts other area restaurant links to his page, and does not take online ordering. That last is really a concern Lattimore feels for his customers. “I know it’s a busy time, and we’re operating on pick-up and delivery, and as I said, with a small crew. I don’t want people to wait longer than they’d like for their meal. The computer understands how long it takes to prepare a burger and fries, but not how long the wait might be if it’s an unusually busy day. By talking directly to the customer, I can give them an accurate time.”

“I want our customers to know that we’re here for them now, and when all this settles down. We’re really grateful that they’ve been there for us, and we’ll do everything we can to give them the best food and service we can.”


    Friday is Fish Day
          Every Day is Haddock Fish Day

$2.00 Add a Side Mac & Cheese to any order 
$2.00 Add a dish of Pasta to any item 
$10.95 Haddock Dinner with(2Sides)     $  9.25 Haddock Sandwich with Side  $11.95 Fried Had Fish Parm over Pasta  $11.95 Broiled Lemon PepHaddock       $11.95 Italian Style Broiled Haddock      $13.95 Fried /Broiled Sea Scallops        $13.95 Lemon Pep Scallops & Pasta      $13.95 Jumbo Shrimp Dinner                $13.95 Italian Scallops & Pasta               $13.95 Cajun Scallops & Pasta                $  7.95  Shrimp in Basket w/ Fries          $10.95  Buffalo Jumbo Shrimp wFries      1/2 lb Hot or Mild w/ Blue Che& Celery
$ 8.95 Clams Strips w/ Fries                      $11.95 Frog Legs Dinner w/ a Side          $  8.95 Little Neck Clams 1 Dozen 
   Frog Legs Full Order (8 Legs)   $11.95  
   Side Order ( 4 Legs)  $7.00

   All You Can EAT Specials
Everyday-Anytime of the Day
$15.99 All The Sirloin You Can Eat
$13.99 All The Pork Steak You Can Eat
$11.99 All You Can Eat Pasta & Meatball
$20.99 All the Frog Legs you can Eat w / side
$13.99 All You can eat Boneless Wings

Wings  entra Blue Cheese $0.50
$10.95 Wings Dozen       (12pc)  
$  8.25 Wings ½ Dozen   (  6pc)   
$  8.95  Boneless Wings (8 pc)      
$  8.95 Chicken Tenders  (5 pc)   
$  8.95 Wing Dings            (8 pc) 


                                    Fresh Salads    
                         $8.95  Chef Salad
                 Plate Iceberg Lettuce, Ham, Turkey, Egg,Tomato ,Cucumber, Shredded Red Cabbage, Carrots and Shredded Cheddar
                         $9.95   Antipasto Plate
Pepperoni, Capicola, Genoa Salami, Onion,
Roasted Red Pepper, Egg, Provolone, Black Olives,Hot Peppers and Tomato on a bed of Iceberg Lettuce
                          $9.95  Buffalo Blue Chicken Salad
Iceberg Lettuce, Egg, Tomato, Cucumber,
Shredded Red Cabbage, Carrots and Shredded Cheddar
                            $9.95  Grilled Chicken Salad
Iceberg Lettuce, Egg, Tomato, Cucumber, Shredded Red Cabbage, Carrots and Shredded Cheddar
                              $9.95 Grilled Steak Salad 
Iceberg Lettuce, Egg, Tomato, Cucumber, Shredded Red Cabbage, Carrots and Shredded Cheddar
                       Wrap $8.95 Choice of 1 Side
                         Chicken BLT  Wrap
       Chicken Salad ,Bacon Lettuce & Tomato
                 Buffalo Grilled  Chicken  Wrap
        Lettuce ,Tomato & Blue Cheese Sauce
                 Grilled Chicken Caesar  Wrap
        Lettuce Tomato Onion & American Cheese
                              Tuna  Wrap
         Lettuce Tomato ,Onion & American Cheese
                            Roast Beef Wrap
Provolone Cheese Horseradish Tomato,Lettuce &Onion  
                      Hot Ham & Cheese Wrap
        Honey Mustard Ham , American Cheese
                            Lettuce  & Tomato        

           PSR  Steak House
$17.99 T Bone Steak    Plus 1 side        
$13.99 Sirloin Steak  Plus 1 side               $13.99 Open Face Rib Eye Steak Sandwich  Plus (1) side
$14.99 New York Strip Steak Clam Bake1/2 dozen Little Neck Clams -Salt Potato. Plus  (1) Side
$  9.99 New York Strip Steak Dinner Plus (1)  Side
$  9.99 Cajun Strip Steak   Plus (1  ) Side
$ 9.99 BBQ  NY Strip     Plus (1)Side       
$ 9.99 Lemon Pepper NY Strip Plus (1) Side              
$ 9.99  New York Strip Steak Sub   Plus w/ Onions, Peppers & Mushrooms -Cheese ___________________________________

Pasta Dinners
$8.95 Pasta Dinn Meatball over Pasta    $7.99 Pasta DinnerSausage over Pasta  $7.99 Chicken Parm over Pasta            $8.99 Cajun Chicken over Pasta          $8.99 Lemon Pepper Chicken over Pasta     
$8.99 Beef Tips & Gravy Over Noodles  $8.99 BBQ Pork on a Roll with Side          $8.99 Chicken & Gravy Over Noodles  $8.99 Mac & Cheese Dinner
$8.95 Pasta Dinner
 w/ Choice of Meatball/Sausage                 
$11.95 Haddock Parm over Pasta
$9.95   Chicken Parm over Pasta
$8.95  Home Made Mac & Cheese
$8.95 Home Made Spanish Rice   
$7.95— Home Made Goulash Dinner
                Choice of veg Side 


Classic Sandwich with a Side
$7.95 Fresh Made Angus Cheese Burgers 
$7,95 Burger Mel w/o-p-m Rye Bread      
$6,95 Fresh Made Angus Burgers               
           Club Sandwiches
$8.95 Turkey Club Sandwich                  
$8.95  Roast Beef Club Sandwich          
$8.95  Chicken Parm On Sub Roll          
          Grilled Sandwiches
$7.75 Grilled Ham & Cheese                  
$695 Grilled Ham Sandwich                   
$6.95 Grilled Cheese Sandwich             
$7.95 Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich    $7.95 Grilled Chicken Sandwich            
$7.95 Chicken Sandwich Deep Fried                    
        Deli Meat Sandwich
$7.50 Corn Beef Sandwich                      
$7.95 Hot Reuben Corn Beef Sandwich  
$7.95 Hot Ruben Pastrami Sandwich          
        The OTB Sandwiches
$6.75 Meatball Open Face Sub             
$6.75 Italian Mixed Sub                           
$8.95 Philly Cheese Steak P-O-M          
$7.95 Cheese Steak Sandwich               
$7.95 French Dip Sandwich                    
$6.75 BBQ Beef or Pork Sandwich          
$6.75 Italian Sausage/ Sandwich          
$6.75 Polish Sausage w/ Kraut               
$6.75 Roasted Turkey (Hot /Cold Sandwich) 
$6.75 Roast Beef (Hot /Cold Sandwich )   
$7.75 BLT Sandwich Bacon ,Lettuce, Tomato 
$6.95 Fresh Tuna Salad Sandwich          
$7,95 Fresh Tuna Melt Sandwich            
$6.75 Liver -Bacon -Onions Sandwich


$9.95—Dozen Steam Clams          
$5.50—Fried Cauliflower
$5.50—Fried Mushrooms     
$5.95—Mozzarella Sticks 
$3.95—Onion Rings                     
$2.95— French Fries 
$3.25—-Seasoned Criss- Cuts      
$5.95—-Potato Skins 
$5.95—-Pizza Rolls                      
$5.95—-Broccoli Bites 
$5.95—-Whole Cream Poppers 
$5.95—-Whole Cheddar Popper 
$5.95—  Fried Pickle Spears
 with House Zesty Sauce
$4.95—-Sweet Potato Fries  
served w/Maple Dip 
$5.95—  Spicy Green Beans  
with HOUSE ZESTY Sauce
$7.95.—-Ruben Bites 
$14.95—-Sampler Platter
$3.00—-  French  Fries
$3.95—-  Onion Rings
$4.50—-  Cheddar & Jalapeño     
$3.00—-  Salt Potatoes
$5.95—-  Jalapeno Bites
50—-Fried Zucchini        
$5.95—-Fried Banana Peppers  

Horse Racing is OPEN at the OTB 
    Also Phoenix Sports Restaurant

 Sides Specialty
$2.50  French  Fries
$2.95  Onion Rings
$2.75  Seasoned Criss Cuts
$3.95 Sweet Potatoes Fries 
w/Maple Dip
$3.50  Cheddar & Jalapen     
$4.50  Fried Cauliflowers 
$4.50  Fried Mushrooms
$4.95  Fried Cheese Sticks>
$4.95   Pizza Rolls
$2.00  Salt Potatoes
$4.95 Broccoli Bites
$4.50 Fried Zucchini
$4.95  Jaeleno Bites
$5.95 Whole Poppers , 
Cream Cheese or cheddar.
$4.95 Fried Pickles Spears
$4.95 Potato Skins.
$4.95 Spicy Green Beans .