Friday is Fish Day
          Every Day is Haddock Fish Day

$2.00 Add a Side Mac & Cheese to any order 
$2.00 Add a dish of Pasta to any item 
$10.95 Haddock Dinner with(2Sides)     $  9.25 Haddock Sandwich with Side  $11.95 Fried Had Fish Parm over Pasta  $11.95 Broiled Lemon PepHaddock       $11.95 Italian Style Broiled Haddock      $13.95 Fried /Broiled Sea Scallops        $13.95 Lemon Pep Scallops & Pasta      $13.95 Jumbo Shrimp Dinner                $13.95 Italian Scallops & Pasta               $13.95 Cajun Scallops & Pasta                $  7.95  Shrimp in Basket w/ Fries          $10.95  Buffalo Jumbo Shrimp wFries      1/2 lb Hot or Mild w/ Blue Che& Celery
$ 8.95 Clams Strips w/ Fries                      $11.95 Frog Legs Dinner w/ a Side          $  8.95 Little Neck Clams 1 Dozen 
   Frog Legs Full Order (8 Legs)   $11.95  
   Side Order ( 4 Legs)  $7.00

   All You Can EAT Specials
Everyday-Anytime of the Day
$15.99 All The Sirloin You Can Eat
$13.99 All The Pork Steak You Can Eat
$11.99 All You Can Eat Pasta & Meatball
$20.99 All the Frog Legs you can Eat w / side
$13.99 All You can eat Boneless Wings

Wings  entra Blue Cheese $0.50
$10.95 Wings Dozen       (12pc)  
$  8.25 Wings ½ Dozen   (  6pc)   
$  8.95  Boneless Wings (8 pc)      
$  8.95 Chicken Tenders  (5 pc)   
$  8.95 Wing Dings            (8 pc) 


           PSR  Steak House
$17.99 T Bone Steak    Plus 1 side        
$13.99 Sirloin Steak  Plus 1 side               $13.99 Open Face Rib Eye Steak Sandwich  Plus (1) side
$14.99 New York Strip Steak Clam Bake1/2 dozen Little Neck Clams -Salt Potato. Plus  (1) Side
$  9.99 New York Strip Steak Dinner Plus (1)  Side
$  9.99 Cajun Strip Steak   Plus (1  ) Side
$ 9.99 BBQ  NY Strip     Plus (1)Side       
$ 9.99 Lemon Pepper NY Strip Plus (1) Side              
$ 9.99  New York Strip Steak Sub   Plus w/ Onions, Peppers & Mushrooms -Cheese ___________________________________

Pasta Dinners
$8.95 Pasta Dinn Meatball over Pasta    $7.99 Pasta DinnerSausage over Pasta  $7.99 Chicken Parm over Pasta            $8.99 Cajun Chicken over Pasta          $8.99 Lemon Pepper Chicken over Pasta     
$8.99 Beef Tips & Gravy Over Noodles  $8.99 BBQ Pork on a Roll with Side          $8.99 Chicken & Gravy Over Noodles  $8.99 Mac & Cheese Dinner
$8.95 Pasta Dinner
 w/ Choice of Meatball/Sausage                 
$11.95 Haddock Parm over Pasta
$9.95   Chicken Parm over Pasta
$8.95  Home Made Mac & Cheese
$8.95 Home Made Spanish Rice   
$7.95— Home Made Goulash Dinner
                Choice of veg Side 


Classic Sandwich with a Side
$7.95 Fresh Made Angus Cheese Burgers 
$7,95 Burger Mel w/o-p-m Rye Bread      
$6,95 Fresh Made Angus Burgers               
           Club Sandwiches
$8.95 Turkey Club Sandwich                  
$8.95  Roast Beef Club Sandwich          
$8.95  Chicken Parm On Sub Roll          
          Grilled Sandwiches
$7.75 Grilled Ham & Cheese                  
$695 Grilled Ham Sandwich                   
$6.95 Grilled Cheese Sandwich             
$7.95 Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich    $7.95 Grilled Chicken Sandwich            
$7.95 Chicken Sandwich Deep Fried                    
        Deli Meat Sandwich
$7.50 Corn Beef Sandwich                      
$7.95 Hot Reuben Corn Beef Sandwich  
$7.95 Hot Ruben Pastrami Sandwich          
        The OTB Sandwiches
$6.75 Meatball Open Face Sub             
$6.75 Italian Mixed Sub                           
$8.95 Philly Cheese Steak P-O-M          
$7.95 Cheese Steak Sandwich               
$7.95 French Dip Sandwich                    
$6.75 BBQ Beef or Pork Sandwich          
$6.75 Italian Sausage/ Sandwich          
$6.75 Polish Sausage w/ Kraut               
$6.75 Roasted Turkey (Hot /Cold Sandwich) 
$6.75 Roast Beef (Hot /Cold Sandwich )   
$7.75 BLT Sandwich Bacon ,Lettuce, Tomato 
$6.95 Fresh Tuna Salad Sandwich          
$7,95 Fresh Tuna Melt Sandwich            
$6.75 Liver -Bacon -Onions Sandwich


$9.95—Dozen Steam Clams          
$5.50—Fried Cauliflower
$5.50—Fried Mushrooms     
$5.95—Mozzarella Sticks 
$3.95—Onion Rings                     
$2.95— French Fries 
$3.25—-Seasoned Criss- Cuts      
$5.95—-Potato Skins 
$5.95—-Pizza Rolls                      
$5.95—-Broccoli Bites 
$5.95—-Whole Cream Poppers 
$5.95—-Whole Cheddar Popper 
$5.95—  Fried Pickle Spears
 with House Zesty Sauce
$4.95—-Sweet Potato Fries  
served w/Maple Dip 
$5.95—  Spicy Green Beans  
with HOUSE ZESTY Sauce
$7.95.—-Ruben Bites 
$14.95—-Sampler Platter
$3.00—-  French  Fries
$3.95—-  Onion Rings
$4.50—-  Cheddar & Jalapeño     
$3.00—-  Salt Potatoes
$5.95—-  Jalapeno Bites
50—-Fried Zucchini        
$5.95—-Fried Banana Peppers  

Horse Racing is OPEN at the OTB 
    Also Phoenix Sports Restaurant

 Sides Specialty
$2.50  French  Fries
$2.95  Onion Rings
$2.75  Seasoned Criss Cuts
$3.95 Sweet Potatoes Fries 
w/Maple Dip
$3.50  Cheddar & Jalapen     
$4.50  Fried Cauliflowers 
$4.50  Fried Mushrooms
$4.95  Fried Cheese Sticks>
$4.95   Pizza Rolls
$2.00  Salt Potatoes
$4.95 Broccoli Bites
$4.50 Fried Zucchini
$4.95  Jaeleno Bites
$5.95 Whole Poppers , 
Cream Cheese or cheddar.
$4.95 Fried Pickles Spears
$4.95 Potato Skins.
$4.95 Spicy Green Beans .


                                    Fresh Salads    
                         $8.95  Chef Salad
                 Plate Iceberg Lettuce, Ham, Turkey, Egg,Tomato ,Cucumber, Shredded Red Cabbage, Carrots and Shredded Cheddar
                         $9.95   Antipasto Plate
Pepperoni, Capicola, Genoa Salami, Onion,
Roasted Red Pepper, Egg, Provolone, Black Olives,Hot Peppers and Tomato on a bed of Iceberg Lettuce
                          $9.95  Buffalo Blue Chicken Salad
Iceberg Lettuce, Egg, Tomato, Cucumber,
Shredded Red Cabbage, Carrots and Shredded Cheddar
                            $9.95  Grilled Chicken Salad
Iceberg Lettuce, Egg, Tomato, Cucumber, Shredded Red Cabbage, Carrots and Shredded Cheddar
                              $9.95 Grilled Steak Salad 
Iceberg Lettuce, Egg, Tomato, Cucumber, Shredded Red Cabbage, Carrots and Shredded Cheddar
                       Wrap $8.95 Choice of 1 Side
                         Chicken BLT  Wrap
       Chicken Salad ,Bacon Lettuce & Tomato
                 Buffalo Grilled  Chicken  Wrap
        Lettuce ,Tomato & Blue Cheese Sauce
                 Grilled Chicken Caesar  Wrap
        Lettuce Tomato Onion & American Cheese
                              Tuna  Wrap
         Lettuce Tomato ,Onion & American Cheese
                            Roast Beef Wrap
Provolone Cheese Horseradish Tomato,Lettuce &Onion  
                      Hot Ham & Cheese Wrap
        Honey Mustard Ham , American Cheese
                            Lettuce  & Tomato