All You Can Eat Specials

TClassic Sandwiches  w/ Choice of Side
$7.25  Fresh Made Angus Cheese Burgers    

Add  .50  for / Blue /Swiss,/Provolone or Bacon
$6.75   Fresh Made Angus Burger>>
$7.95 Burger Mel w/o-p-m Rye Bread>>
$6.75 Fresh Made Angus Burgers 
$7.95  Turkey Club Sandwich>>
$7.95  Roast Beef Club Sandwich>>
$6.95  Chicken Parm On a Sub Roll
$7.95  Hot Reuben Corn Beef Sandwich>>
$7.95  Hot Ruben Pastrami Sandwich
$7.25  Hot Pastrami Sandwich 
 W/ Swiss Cheese &Russian Dressing
$7.25  Corn Beef Sandwich
$7.25   Pastrami Sandwich >>
$6.75   Grilled Ham & Cheese >>
$5.95   Ham Sandwich
$5.95   Grilled Cheese Sandwich>>
$6.75 Grill Cajun Chicken Sandwich
$6.95   Chicken Sandwich Grilled  
$6.95   Chicken Sandwich Deep Fried
$5.75   Corn Beef Sandwich             
$5.75   Meatball Open Face Sub
$5.75   Italian Mixed Sub on sub roll
$7.95   Philly Cheese Steak P-O-M
$6.95   Cheese Steak Sandwich
$6.95   French Dip Sandwich
$5.75   BBQ  Beef or Pork Sandwich      
$5.75  Italian Sausage/ Sandwich P-O-M 
$5.75  Polish Sausage w/ Kraut
$5.75  Roasted Turkey (Hot /Cold  Sandwich)
$5.75  Roast Beef  (Hot /Cold Sandwich)
$5.75  BLT Sandwich Bacon -Lettuce- Tomato
$5.95  Fresh Tuna  Salad Sandwich
$6.95  Fresh Tuna Melt Sandwich

We are open Today . March 18,19,20,21,22,23 ,24  2019

  We are OPEN 11:30am till 11:30 pm


  All You Can Eat Boneless Wings
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