Pasta w Meat  Dinners & Sandwiches
$8.95 —Pasta Dinner
             w/ Choice of Meatball /Sausage                 
$11.95 —Haddock Parm over Pasta                                                    
$9.95—  Chicken Parm over Pasta                                                        
$8.95  Home Made Mac & Cheese
                Choice of veg Side   
$8.95— Home Made Spanish Rice   
                Choice of veg Side                                                                   
$7.95— Home Made Goulash Dinner
                Choice of veg Side                                                          
$6.95— Chicken Parm Sub w 1 Side                                  
$6.95— Meatball Open Face Sub
                w/ 1 Side                        
$6.95  Italian Mixed Sub
                w/ 1 Side                                    
$6.95  Italian Sausage Sandwich
               w /1Side